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No Man's Sky [v 1.75 + DLC] (2016) GOG

el Miér Nov 28, 2018 10:51 pm

No Man's Sky [v 1.75+ DLC] (2016) PC | GOG | Size:10.12 GB
Release date: August 12, 2016
Developer: Hello Games
Publisher: Hello Games
Genre: Survival simulator, space simulator
Platform: PC
Language: English
Voice language: English,
Multiplayer: None
Tablet: Not required

No Man's Sky is a science-fiction space simulator from the creators of Joe Danger for a new generation of consoles and PCs. The action of the game takes place on the expanses of a procedurally-genius universe, where absolutely everything - from planets and creatures on them to whole galaxies - is created quite by accident. The game is virtually infinite, although it has a clear goal - the player must fly to the center of the universe to solve a secret. On the way to their goal, players are free to do anything - explore the planets, fight in space for the possession of resources, improve their weapons and ship, learn extraterrestrial languages, and much more. And the players have to extract resources and fight on the planets with mysterious Guardians who protect them.

Game features:
• Plot your course in an open universe and explore any of the 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets. Galaxy No Man's Sky is created in real time, so that each player will definitely have the opportunity to become a pioneer. Space exploration occurs very smoothly, without delays and podzagruzok, even if you descend from orbit to the surface of the planet or make jumps between star systems.
• Choose a lesson to your liking - from a desperate space warrior, bounty hunter or pirate to a peace loving merchant, miner or explorer. You can play No Man's Sky as you please, and you are free to change your occupation at any time. Just do not forget that all actions have their consequences.
• All adventures in No Man's Sky begin with the outer border of a single unexplored galaxy. On the way you will meet countless star systems, planets, life forms and many more things that no one has seen before you. If you wish, you can share the finds with other players, giving names to your discoveries and putting them on a single Galaxy Map.
• Crush enemies and make friends, interfering in wars in the vast galaxy. Take part in daring raids on trade caravans, storm massive battleships, earn rewards and improve your weapons. Just do not forget: help one always causes discontent of others.
• Violence is not the only way to succeed. Search for rare resources and trade with the greatest benefit for yourself, and with the proceeds get better and more lifting ships. This activity is very profitable, but you risk to attract the attention of pirates.
• The better the engine of your ship, the farther you can go and the faster you get to the target. Upgrading a suit will more reliably protect against radiation and a hostile environment. So exciting discoveries will be even more.
• Galaxy No Man's Sky lives life to the fullest. It is plied by merchant caravans, dashing pirates, valiant police and menacing warships. They are all ready for action. And this galaxy belongs to all No Man's Sky players. Who knows whose consequences you will have to deal with?

1. Run the installation file and install the game.
2. If necessary, install add-ons.
3. We play.

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